The Smurfs 2011 WORKPRINT 720p BluRay x264-AVS720

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AVS720 brings us the 720p BluRay of the 2011 comedy animation movie “The Smurfs”. I really enjoyed this movie, and yes the events might be predictable but it’s still a huge fun. Btw, the quality is perfect and you can check yourself using the attached samples. What the smurf are you waiting for :D?

The Smurfs PosterGenre: Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Cast: Hank Azaria / Neil Patrick Harris / Jayma Mays…
Runtime: 103 minutes
Ratings: IMDB: 5.1 (11,714 votes) | RT: 24% (21 reviews)

1 DVD5 | 4.37 GB | the.smurfs.2011.workprint.720p.bluray.x264-avs720
Quality: x264, [email protected] fps | DTS, 1536 kb/s
Samples: one, two, three, video sample

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Synopsis: When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours — in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

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Vampires Suck is another spoof film from the guys behind all the Scary/Epic/Disaster/Date movies – naturally it has bad ratings and reviews.

The video quality is a bit dull while the audio is great. In the top right corner there is a blurred watermark and there are no credits. This is a workprint after all. I wouldn’t expect much from it; but be sure to check out the trailer below. Enjoy!

Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 18 August 2010 (Canada)
Director: Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
Runtime: 82 min
Ratings: IMDB: 3.3/10 (6,341 votes) | RT: 6% (53 votes)

1CD | 710.47 MB | vamp.suck
Quality: XViD 630x272 @ 823 Kbps | AC3 448 Kbps 6 channels
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

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Synopsis: A spoof of vampire-themed movies, where teenager Becca finds herself torn between two boys. As she and her friends wrestle with a number of different dramas, everything comes to a head at their prom.

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Not sure why you would watch a workprint of this movie tbh but if you are going to then the scene version just hit from DOMiNO. It was brought out by P2P first once again and you can see this stated in DOMiNO’s nfo, they even say the P2P version looks better. Sigh.

Anyways, it’s a workprint so what you see is what you get, missing scenes and all that other bollocks. This release also has blurred timestamps, along the top. You can see it best in sample 3 below. Enjoy.

Genre: Action
Release Date: 7 January 2010 (Germany)
Runtime: 95min
Ratings: IMDB: 6.1/10 (6,355 votes ) | RT: 30%

1DVD | 728MB | domino-gamer-wp
Quality: XViD 640x352 @ 926kb/s | MP3 124kb/s
Subtitles: None
Samples: one, two, three

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Synopsis: GAMER is a high-concept action thriller set in a near future when gaming and entertainment have evolved into a terrifying new hybrid. Humans control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online games: people play people…for keeps. Mind-control technology is widespread, and at the heart of the controversial games is its creator, reclusive billionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall). His latest brainchild, the first-person shooter game “Slayers,” allows millions to act out their most savage fantasies online in front of a global audience, using real prisoners as avatars with whom they fight to the death.

Kable (300’s Gerard Butler) is the superstar and cult hero of the ultraviolent “Slayers.” Kable is controlled by Simon, a young gamer with rock star status who continues to defy all odds by guiding Kable to victory each week. Taken from his family, imprisoned and forced to fight against his will, the modern day gladiator must survive long enough to escape the game to free his family, regain his identity and to save mankind from Castle’s ruthless technology.

GAMER stars Gerard Butler (300, THE UGLY TRUTH), Michael C. Hall (?Dexter?), Amber Valletta (TRANSPORTER 2), John Leguizamo (RIGHTEOUS KILL, ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13), with Chris ?Ludacris? Bridges, and Kyra Sedgwick (?The Closer?).

Lionsgate and Lakeshore Entertainment present a Lakeshore Entertainment/Lionsgate Production. GAMER is a Neveldine/Taylor Film. –© Lionsgate

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500 Days Of Summer WORKPRiNT XviD-CAMELOT

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NFO states this was a silver from NY, with pretty bad syncing. They have done their best, but I’m still not sure… Watermarks and timers all over the place, and the video is a little washed out, take the punt if you like.

Edit: Sorry the screens are shit…

Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 24 September 2009 (Netherlands)
Director: Marc Webb
Runtime: 95min
Ratings: IMDB: 8.3/10 (11,016 votes ) | RT: 87%

1CD | 729.2MB | camelot-500
Quality: XViD [email protected]/s | MP3 144kb/s VBR
Samples: one, two, three

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Synopsis: After it looks as if she’s left his life for good this time, Tom Hansen reflects back on the just over one year that he knew Summer Finn. Despite being physically average in almost every respect, Summer had always attracted the attention of men, Tom included. For Tom, it was love at first sight when she walked into the greeting card company where he worked, she the new administrative assistant. Soon, Tom knew that Summer was the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. Although Summer did not believe in relationships or boyfriends – in her assertion, real life will always ultimately get in the way – Tom and Summer became more than just friends. Through the trials and tribulations of Tom and Summer’s so-called relationship, Tom could always count on the advice of his two best friends, McKenzie and Paul. However, it is Tom’s adolescent sister, Rachel, who is his voice of reason. After all is said and done, Tom is the one who ultimately has to make the choice to listen or not.

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X-Men Origins Wolverine PROPER WORKPRINT XviD-RUBY

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Bit late on this one guys, sorry. This one was originally released on P2P, but appears the scene have picked it up and cleaned it up a bit so it fits scene standards. Quality looks nice, but as you can expect from a workprint it lacks the finishing touches of a finished cinema released version. I’m sure you’ll be able to see them if you dare watch this.

Hugh Jackman reprises the role that made him a superstar as the fierce fighting machine who possesses amazing healing powers, retractable claws and a primal fury. Leading up to the events of X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Wolverine’s epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe whose appearances in the film series have long been anticipated.

Genre: Action
Ratings: IMDB: Awaiting 5 votes RT: N/A
Directed by: Gavin Hood
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Dominic Monaghan

Release Name: X-Men.Origins.Wolverine.PROPER.WORKPRINT.XviD-RUBY
Size: 742.1MB, 1CD
Quality: XViD 640x372 @ 777kbps, MP3 128kb/s VBR
Runtime: 120min
Filename: xmenow-ruby

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Not Easily Broken WORKPrint XViD-xSCR

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Quick post about a workprint the guys missed earlier, Not Easily Broken is a romantic drama, where the couple are having marriage problems and all that good jazz. Quality is preeety average, with a blurred timer in the right corner.

Taraji P. Henson (THE FAMILY THAT PRAYS) and Morris Chestnut (THE PERFECT HOLIDAY) star in this relationship drama about a couple whose marriage is failing. NOT EASILY BROKEN is based on the book by T.D. Jakes, who also serves as a producer on the film.

715.0MB, 1CD | xscr-brok
XViD 640x352 @ 1305kbps | MP3 128kb/s VBR
IMDB 4.3/10 (301 votes ) | RT 46% (50 votes)
Samples: #1, #2, #3
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Paul Blart Mall Cop PROPER WORKPrint XViD-xSCR

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Last release by SKA was nuked for bad ivtc. This proper release is also properly tagged as a Workprint. Group xSCR claims in their NFO that this release has “No frame drops.. No video glitches.. No out of sync”.  You will also find that they blurred out the timer at the top of the screen but the property messages still appears thorughout the movie. Enjoy!

Synopsis: Paul Blart is a mild-mannered, dutiful family man who works as a security guard in a New Jersey mall. For years, he has applied to become a cop, but he always fails the physical exam because he is overweight. One day, a gang of organized criminals put the mall under siege and take hostages. Blart becomes trapped inside, and because of his sense of duty, refuses to leave. He thus becomes the police department’s eyes on the inside and attempts to stop the criminals on his own.

Genre: Action
Ratings: IMDB: 5.5/10 (3,831 votes ) RT: 27% (86 votes)
Directed by: Steve Carr
Starring: Kevin James, Jayma Mays, Keir O’Donnell, Bobby Cannavale

Release Name: Paul.Blart.Mall.Cop.PROPER.WORKPrint.XViD-xSCR
Size: 727.19 MB, 1CD
Quality: XViD 640 x 352 @ 936kbps | MP3 130kb/s VBR
Runtime: 91min
Filename: xscr-paul.rxx

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The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor WORKPRINT READNFO XViD-DOCUMENT

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Yup here is yet another “The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” release  on 2cd with universal message as well as the timer at the bottom. Seems its already been nuked “bad.crop_bad.ivtc_dupe.frames”

NuZZ: Turns out that this release’s audio is out of sinc. The nDn release was tolerable up until horrible video. :(.

Synopsis: Explorer Rick O’Connell to combat the resurrected Han Emperor in an epic that races from the catacombs of ancient China high into the frigid Himalayas. Rick is joined in this all-new adventure by son Alex, wife Evelyn and her brother, Jonathan. And this time, the O’Connells must stop a mummy awoken from a 2,000-year-old curse who threatens to plunge the world into his merciless, unending service. Doomed by a double-crossing sorceress to spend eternity in suspended animation, China’s ruthless Dragon Emperor and his 10,000 warriors have laid forgotten for eons, entombed in clay as a vast, silent terra cotta army. But when dashing adventurer Alex O’Connell is tricked into awakening the ruler from eternal slumber, the reckless young archaeologist must seek the help of the only people who know more than he does about taking down the undead: his parents. As the monarch roars back to life, our heroes find his quest for world domination has only intensified over the millennia. Striding the Far East with unimaginable supernatural powers, the Emperor Mummy will rouse his legion as an unstoppable, otherworldly force… unless the O’Connells can stop him first.

Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Thriller
Ratings: IMDB: 5.3/10 (14,046 votes) RT: 11% (148 Reviews)
Directed by: Rob Cohen
Starring: Brendan Fraser, Maria Bello, Jet Li, John Hannah, Michelle Yeoh, Anthony Wong, Luke Ford, Isabella Leong

Release Name: The.Mummy.Tomb.of.the.Dragon.Emperor.WORKPRINT.READNFO.XViD-DOCUMENT
Size: 2 CD , 1.36 GB (1,463,898,489 bytes)
Quality:xvid, 1400kbps , 672 x 288 ,
Runtime: 112 Mins
Filename:tmtotde-wp-xvid-cd1 , tmtotde-wp-xvid-cd2.

Links: IMDB, RT, Homepage, Trailer
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Here’s the workprint for an interesting STV film that mixes western and sci-fi, which I’ve only ever seen done once with the show Firefly. This is indeed a workprint, so there is a timecode present. See samples.

Synopsis: In the not-so-distant future society has come full circle back to the gun-slinging world of revolvers, holsters, and epic stand-offs. Seven boomtowns connect by the railroad lie to the east. The the west, a Utopian community whose citizens live in fear of the outside world. Smack dab in the middle is hundreds of miles of death ratting dessert called ‘The Badlands’.

1CD 720MB 88min | XViD 966kbps 608x256 | MP3 130kb/sec VBR
Samples: #1, #2, #3
IMDB 2.6, Trailer, Homepage, NFO, Torrent