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Here’s the PC release of Medal of Honor, looks pretty good, much the same as Call of Duty but made by the guys who made battlefield so using the frostbite engine and useable vehicles, reviews are slightly dissapointing but probably worth a play

PosterGenre: FPS
Gameplay Modes: Singleplayer | Multiplayer
Release Date: October 12, 2010
Developer: Danger Close & DICE
Ratings: Game Rankings: 72.3 (10 votes)

1 DVD9 | 7.01 GB | moh-avenged

Homepage | Wiki | Trailer
NFO | Torrent | Usenet

Description: Operating directly under the National Command Authority, a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors are called on when the mission must not fail. They are the Tier 1 Operators.

Medal.of.Honor.CLONEDVD-AVENGED Image
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Wolfenstein CloneDVD-AVENGED

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Wolfenstein CloneDVD is OUT!!! Go grab it and wait for a crack or just start playing from the iso. Enjoy!

Genre: Action
Release Date: Aug 18, 2009
Platforms: PC
Developers: ID Software
Ratings: MC: 9.2 | GS: 8.4 | IGN: 8.7

DVD9 | 7475.2MB – 73 Files | avd-wolf
Protection: SecuROM

Homepage | Gametrailers
NFO | Torrent |

Description: Set within a near-fictional, historical WWII setting, players take on the role of the heroic OSA agent BJ Blazkowicz as they are thrust into the unknown and unexpected to battle against combat troops, otherworldly forces, and the dark science created by a supernatural Nazi force hell-bent on world domination. Wolfenstein offers players an action-packed experience as they investigate the powers of a dark parallel dimension, join with resistance forces, and employ an arsenal of conventional and otherworldly weapons in attempts to annihilate the Nazi war machine. Ensuring a deep variety of action, Wolfenstein provides gamers with an assortment of interlinked missions that drive an intense, story-driven combat experience; while the Wolfenstein multiplayer experience continues the world-renowned tradition of class-based team objective gameplay with a full arsenal of conventional and supernatural weapons for addictive online warfare.

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Bionic Commando CloneDVD-iTWINS

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A new game that looks pretty nice is out Tonight, Leech and Play!

Genre: Action
Release Date: July 17, 2009
Platforms: PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox 360
Developers: GRIN
Ratings: MC: 76 | GS: 7.6 | IGN:7.2

1DVD | 7.01GB | itw-bc
Protection: SecuROM

Homepage | Wiki | Gametrailers
NFO | Torrent

Description: Bionic Commando is the seventh generation console installment in Capcom’s adventure-platformer series, and the sixth game overall (following the original arcade, NES, and Game Boy versions, Elite Forces, and Rearmed). The game was developed and published by Capcom in collaboration with Swedish developer GRIN (best known for Ballistics and the Microsoft Windows version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter series) and being Produced by Ben Judd. The game is a direct sequel to the second game and its remake Bionic Commando Rearmed, released in 1988 for the NES and in 2008 as a download for current gen systems. The development team has gone on record saying they have looked through all the old games including Mercs for connections. The game is run on the homebrewed Grin “Diesel” Engine.

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PLaTiN release the CLONEDVD, finally. If you check the GameTrailers review trailer beneath the cut, it reveals some downsides to the game. However, RPS seem to enjoy it. The cracked release should be around soon; but of-course you can download the CLONE and wait for the crack. Rarely are there any complications for this strategy. Enjoy.

Genre: Racing
Release Date: June 2009
Platforms: Xbox360, PS3, PC
Developer/Engine: Asobo Studio/Proprietary
: Metacritic: N/A | GS: 8.0 | IGN: 6.7

DVD5 | 3993.6 MB 79 F | ptn-fuel
Protection: Securom

Homepage | Wiki | Gametrailers
NFO | Torrent

Description: FUEL is set in an alternate present in which whole swathes of the globe have been ravaged by the effects of climate change brought on by decades of environmental abuse. Here oil prices have rocketed and yet a new breed of racing junkie takes to the wastelands, pitting their grungy home-tuned vehicles against each other in an all-new extreme sport as they compete to win fuel supplies. To triumph means travelling the wastelands to challenge the best; from the tsunami-wrecked pacific coast through the Nevada wastelands, including the Grand Canyon, up treacherous snow-capped mountains, thick forests, arid deserts, abandoned lakeside resorts and much more.

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9th Company Roots of Terror EMUDVD-Unleashed

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Unleashed here with a new EMUDVD release of a very crappy looking war-on-terror game. The quality looks  bad and gameplay must not be the best either. Enjoy nonetheless

Description: 9th Company is an action-oriented real-time strategy game based on actual events that took place during the Soviet military campaign in Afghanistan. 9th Company follows the story of a ragged band of young recruits undergoing brutal training in Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley and culminates with a bloody stand against the Mujahideen warriors on a nameless mountain top in Afghanistan. It’s the Battle of Thermopylae all over again: one Russian fighter against 10 Afghanis!


  • Warfare on two tactical levels: use the area operations map to choose your mission or explore 12 unique and highly detailed tactical maps of Afghanistan.
  • Stunning 3D graphics and a spectacular physics engine guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience in destroying any mechanized unit or building.
  • Merit reward and in-combat morale system for every character and advanced hit location system for mechanized units make tactical battles even more realistic.
  • A complex system of tactical behavior and firepower control for mechanized infantry, assault, reconnaissance and special operations units. More than
  • 80 different unit types.
  • Nonlinear mission structure.

System Requirements:

  • Pentium 4
  • 3 GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Graphic card: 256 MB (GeForce 7600 or better)
  • 1.5 GB HDD
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Release name: 9th.Company.Roots.of.Terror.EMUDVD-Unleashed
Size: N/A
Genre: War
Protection: N/A
File names: unl-****.

Reviews, info: Gamespot, IGN, Homepage
Developer, distributor: Lesta Studio
NFO: Here
Torrent: Here


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PLATiN here with the CLONEDVD release of Damnation. Game looks pretty good, so wait for the cracked version soon.

Evolving the shooter genre with its unique and exhilarating combination of fluid action and combat, Damnation features huge, open environments, frenetic combat, daredevil acrobatics and high-octane vehicle-based stunts. Presenting players with an intense test of reflexes, quick thinking and rapid-fire conflict, Damnation will feature vast, breathtaking landscapes, each covering miles of distance and thousands of vertical feet. Billed as a ‘shooter gone vertical,’ and visually inspired by iconic elements of American history, these massive streaming landscapes will form the battlegrounds for a post-industrial conflict between humanity and an unstoppable arms dealer hell-bent on total world domination. Players will be able to choose their own paths and navigate the world by performing daredevil feats on the edge of human ability. However players aren’t the only ones with mind-blowing acrobatic skills; intelligent enemies will give chase and engage players in frantic gun fights and attacks that can come from any direction — in Damnation’s world there’s no safe place to hide. In addition to the single player experience, Damnation comes complete with a unique set of multiplayer options that take full advantage of the game’s expansive levels.

Minimum PC System Requirements

PC Processor Type: Intel® Pentium® processor, AMD processor
PC Processor Speed: 2.8GHz
PC Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista
PC System Memory: 1GB RAM
PC Hard Drive Space: 10GB
PC Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI RADEON X1300 video card
PC Sound Card: DirectX-compatible sound card
PC Drive Type and Speed: DVD-ROM


  • Expansive, vertical levels take the third-person shooter to new heights
  • Platform-shooter hybrid with fast, frantic action — keep moving!
  • Alternate history adventure through a U.S. Civil War that never ended
  • Battle an evil industrialist with steampunk weapons and vehicles

Release Name: Damnation_CLONEDVD-PLATiN
Genre: Action
Protection: Securom

Reviews, info: Gamespot, IGN, Homepage
Developer, distributor: Blue Omega
NFO: Here

Company of Heroes Tales of Valor CLONEDVD-AVENGED

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Group AVENGED is here with the clone of the new stand alone expansion pack to Company of Heroes. This means this game won’t need previous releases to be played. The down side is that there is no full crack yet. Just follow the steps in the NFO and you will get it to work. Enjoy!

Description: The expansion to the hit realtime strategy title, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor features new campaigns to overcome, units to command, and battlefields to conquer. The expansion delivers evolved gameplay mechanics and three episodic adventures including nine new missions, as well as new abilities to master.


  • 3 Immersive Storylines – Embark on the definitive WWII experience from all sides of the war. Each episode contains new missions and objectives in a persistent environment.
  • Episode 1: Tiger Ace: Control Tiger Tank Ace Hauptmann Voss’s highly decorated Tigergruppen against the British 7th Armored Division on D-Day in one of the most famous tank battles of WWII.
  • Episode 2: Causeway: Command and American Paratrooper Company in the hours following the initial D-Day landings.
  • Episode 3: Falaise Pocket: Command the Wehrmacht Army as your soldiers try and hold off the advancing Allied army.
  • Direct Fire Control – Not only can the player’s tactical and strategic decisions influence the battle, but players also directly control units on the battlefield. Players will aim, fire, and maneuver in real-time to capitalize on the changing battle conditions.
  • Command New Units – New infantry and vehicles such as the Schwimmwagen and Staghound will be available. The Schwimmwagen is an amphibious, all-wheel drive off-road vehicle while the Staghound is a highly maneuverable 4x4 Armored Car.
  • Conquer New Territory – New maps based on famous battles such as Villers-Bocage will be available for competitive players in the online battlefield.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows® XP or Vista
  • SSE capable processor, 2.0 Ghz Intel Pentium IV or equivalent or AMD Athlon XP or equivalent.
  • 512 MB RAM. 1GB MB RAM required for Vista
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB video card with Pixel Shader 1.1 support or equivalent and latest manufacturer drivers
  • DirectX® 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card

Release name: Company.of.Heroes.Tales.of.Valor.CLONEDVD-AVENGED
Size: DVD9, 7.68 GB
Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Protection: Securom
File names: avd-cohe.rxx

Reviews, info: Gamespot, IGN, Homepage
Developer, distributor:Relic, THQ
NFO: Here
Torrent: Torrent

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Leisure Suit larry Box Office Bust EMUDVD-Unleashed

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New Leisure Suit Larry game. I personally think these games got old a long time ago, but that’s just me.
Note: I was intending on posting this release earlier, but it did not appear to race in the usual places. Since then I have seen it on public trackers so here it is.

Description: Larry Lovage is back! Only this time on the silver screen! The original Larry is now a movie mogul, but he’s got a problem – the studio across the road always seem to know what he’s making: there must be a mole in the studio! Uncle Larry turns to you, his nephew, Larry Lovage – to solve the mystery, after all, no-one would suspect a guy working in the mail room right? You must uncover the identity of the mole… the very existence of the studio depends upon it! What could possibly go wrong?


  • Hot Hollywood voice talent from; Carmen Electra (Scary Movie) & Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie)
  • Explore with Larry in a pick up and play open world, packed full of hilarious mini-games
  • Play ridiculous rip-offs of classic movies, including: Bytanic, Beefcake Mountain and Horror Coffin.
  • All new directors mode: Pump your creative juices in the director’s chair for your chance to create your own side-splitting movie sequences.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS: XP/Vista
  • Video card: GeForce 6600 / Radeon X1300
  • RAM: 1 Gb
  • Processor: 3.2 GHz
  • Hard disk space: 6 Gb
  • DirectX: 9.0c

Release name: Leisure.Suit.larry.Box.Office.Bust.EMUDVD-Unleashed
Size: 3.95GB
Genre: Adventure
Protection: SecuROM
File names: unl-lsl.rxx

Reviews, info: Gamespot, IGN, Wiki,  Homepage
Developer, distributor: Team 17,  Codemasters
NFO: Here
Torrent: Torrent

Drakensang The Dark Eye CLONEDVD-AVENGED

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Never heard of Drakensang, nor does it really appeal to me, but I’m sure alot of you will enjoy it. Follow the NFO instructions to play the game, pretty simple really. 🙂

Update: Razor1911 have released the cracked version:  Drakensang_The_Dark_Eye-Razor1911.

Developed by the original pen and paper authors, The Dark Eye: Drakensang is a new party-based role playing game that uses advanced 3D technology allowing players to visually experience the landscapes, edifices, heroes, and creatures of the TDE universe. Players start out in the city of Ferdok in Aventuria, a unique medieval world where sinister forces are at work. Summoned by a letter from an old friend, their adventure begins as they investigate a series of strange ritualistic murders. Only after gathering trusted, skilled companions as part of The Dark Eye: Drakensang’s compelling party-based game play where players can control four unique characters, in addition to their own, can players battle to uncover the sinister conspiracy threatening the world of Aventuria. Additionally, the game features a talent-based dialogue system that will allow gamers to threaten, persuade and charm their way through a universe full of unique characters, creatures and locations, as they seek to fulfill their sacred mission.

Game Features:

  • Party-based single player RPG
  • Epic story
  • Talent-based dialogue system
  • Tactical realtime combat
  • Faithful adaptation of an epic fantasy universe
  • Varied flexible magic system
  • Motion captured animations

Release name: Drakensang.The.Dark.Eye.CLONEDVD-AVENGED
Size: 1DVD, 3856MB
Genre: RPG
Protection: SecuROM
Filename: avd-drkg

Reviews, info: Gamespot, IGN, Homepage
Developer, distributor: THQ ValuSoft, Radon Labs
NFO: Here
Torrent: Torrent

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NecroVision CloneDVD-iTWINS & NecroVision-RELOADED

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NecroVision, another iTWINS CLONEDVD release for the day.It’s published by the same company as the previous game release and after a look at the trailer, it seems enjoyable! The installation instructions are practically identicle to the other CLONEDVD, but if your in no hurry you can always wait for the crack/cracked release. Enjoy.

Update: NecroVision-RELOADED has been released, so expect a crackonly release/upload somewhere around here. You can also just download the RELOADED release.
NFO | LazyPirate

The year is 1916. Young American joins UK Army to experience an adventure of his life and soon realizes that greater evil is hiding beneath the Great War storm. He has to face the underground world of vampires, demons, evil genius creatures and even become one of the demons to rescue the human and vampire kind from forces of darkness. NecroVisioN is a First Person Shooter taking place in a variety of locations from battlefields of World War I to much darker and brutal underground world of vampires and demons. Sceneries range from realistic to dream-like, opponents from enemy troops to fantasy creatures — old fashion look and style of the game is going to remind the world setting from the Lovecraft’s horrors and seamlessly mix the war shooter elements into it. Player will fight enemies using environments, powerful and evil artifacts, vampire technology, and authentic WWI era weapons.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft  Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista (Operating System must be up to date with the latest patches)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 +2800
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM (Microsoft? Windows? XP) / 1.5GB (Microsoft? Windows? Vista)
  • Graphic Card: 256 MB Video RAM or greater with DirectX9 Pixel Shader 3.0 support (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1600 or better)

Release name: NecroVision.CloneDVD-iTWINS
Size: 1DVD, 5.55 GB
Genre: FPS
Protection: Securom 7.38.0015
File names: itw-nv

Reviews, info: Gamespot, Wiki, Homepage
Developer, distributor: The Farm 51, 1C Company
NFO: Text
Torrent: Torrent

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Cryostasis CloneDVD-iTWINS & Cryostasis-RELOADED

Posted by on Feb 22nd, 2009, at 1:43 am in Clone,Games. 15 Comments

The CLONEDVD of Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason is out. The cracking process is a bit complicated but nothing the excited gamer can’t handle. The game itself looks great, especially the graphics and phsyics (I ran the tech demo, which has been benchmarked here). You can grab this release and wait for a crack though if you don’t want to mess around with daemon and yasu. The NFO doesn’t mention what version of DTPA you need, so if it’s the latest (hard-to-crack) release your in for some messy p2p cracks, although I haven’t checked for months. Also, note this release hasn’t raced too much yet, ty NiNE for the help. Enjoy!

: Cryostasis-RELOADED has pred! Considering the CLONEDVD hardly raced, anything RELOADED will surely race.
NFO | LazyPirate

Cryostasis takes place in 1981 on a nuclear icebreaker called the North Wind, which has become shipwrecked near the North Pole. The main character, Alexander Nesterov, is a Russian meteorologist who must investigate what happened onboard the ship. But he’s not alone and the North Wind is now plagued by dead crewmen who have undergone a bizarre metamorphosis due to the effects of the incredibly cold climate. Alexander must try to unravel the mystery of the ship captain’s death and discover whether it was the cold or, possibly, something far more sinister.

The game is the first to make use of Nvidia PhysX real-time water physics as displayed in a tech demo of the game engine.

Release name: Cryostasis.CloneDVD-iTWINS
Size: 1DVD, 3.07 GB
Genre: FPS
Protection: Securom 7.38.0014
File names: itw-cryo

Reviews, info: Gamespot, Wiki, Homepage
Developer, distributor: Action Forms, 1C Company
NFO: Text, iMG
Torrent: Torrent

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Hotel Giant 2 EMUDVD-Unleashed

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Unleashed is a group which is best known for its game RIPS and guides. Now they release a EMUDVD of this simulation game. It’s basically just like a clone, make sure you read the instructions in the nfo as yasu is required.

Description: After the big success of the first edition of Hotel Giant, the million unit selling is back with a new and deeply upgraded luxurious sequel!
Recruit, train, and manage your employees while controlling the hotel budget. Continuously enrich hotel’s services, and finally build the most prestigious hotel in town!

Carefully watch your hotel’s clients, analyze their expectations or needs, and satisfy all their desires and whims! Beyond stats, figures and graphics, what make Hotel Giant 2 PC unique and so immersive is the fact that you have to observe, track, and stimulate each client & employee to make good decisions!


  • OS: 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista
  • CPU: 1.5 GHz
  • RAM: 512 Mb
  • Video card memory: 64 Mb
  • Disk space required : 2 Gb
  • DirectX: 9.0c

Release name: Hotel.Giant.2.EMUDVD-Unleashed
Size: 954.51 MB
Genre: Simulation
Protection: SecuROM
File names: unl-hg2.rxx

Reviews, info: Gamespot, IGN, Homepage
Developer, distributor: Nobilis/Enlight, cdv Software Entertainment
NFO: Here
Torrent: Torrent